Apprenticeships with a difference

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Advanced Apprenticeship Programme (TAAP) is a new initiative that’s helping us fill entry level vacancies with fresh new thinkers and doers who are keen to benefit from an apprenticeship with a difference. We’re expanding our successful trade apprenticeship scheme to deliver apprenticeships for office-based, customer service, technical and support functions. It’s a great way to attract new talent into our business, and build loyalty.

Something in it for everyone

Our apprentices benefit from the support of a dedicated ‘host’, one of our experienced professionals who helps make the transition from education to work less daunting, and we’re guaranteeing a recognised qualification for those who are willing to work at it.

These apprenticeships will be used as a launch pad for high achievers who are keen to progress further. There’ll be plenty of encouragement and support for development of career plans so that they can take on associated roles at a more senior level.

TAAP will also help us to meet our clients’ contractual obligations, which often stipulate the need to support apprentices from a specific area or borough, so there’s something in it for everyone.

Our commitment

ll entry level vacancies will be filled with apprentices. TAAP is helping us to increase the range of support offered to clients and end users as well as supporting the growth of Lakehouse in a sustainable manner. It’s also providing our own people with the skills they need to be successful in their chosen careers. That’s what TAAP is all about.

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